About Bequia
An Island of Local Culture, Real Experiences and a Gem in the True Caribbean

About Bequia

Discover the true Caribbean

An island with a history of whaling, boat building, farming and fishing, and now a Caribbean paradise for visitors to experience… Small boutique beach resorts, luxury hilltop villas, local food, the real Caribbean and a mix of local and visitor experiences combined in one.

Useful Information

Restaurants and Bars

BEQUIA WHATS ON! (Facebook Page) gives you all the live music, restaurant offers in the area. Not all the very local bars and restaurants post on here however, so if you want to explore the best thing to do is park your dinghy on the main dinghy dock and walk as far as you can in both directions along the waterfront! Walking left takes you through Hamilton Village, past some fun local rum shops and eventually to the Bequia Fort over looking the bay. The walk is flat the whole way until the very last corner. If you walk right you will pass the main strip of waterfront restaurants , you can walk over the pathway Belmont Walkway to St Margaret’s Beach and continue past this to Lower Bay Beach with even more restaurants, rum shops and local nightlife.

Inside the Island the hotels also have bars and restaurants and there are some great local gems with excellent views if you have a few more days to spare on the island. Look out for the hidden Fernandos, for Tanti Pearl, Sugar Reef and The Liming to name a few. Depending on your preferences the island has something for everyone!


Things to Do in Bequia

Our Top 10 things to do to really experience Bequia

  1. Lower Bay for a rum punch and relaxing afternoon on the beach. Saturdays is usually cheap dining and a fun local experience
  2. Take a walk to Mount Peggy (for the adventurous!) Ask the taxi driver to show you the road in La Pompe, opposite the well. Then just follow the road from here. At the end, walk down onto the beach on the other side of the island. Its a steep walk so take water and snacks. You don’t have to be super fit!
  3.  Spend an evening in the local rum shops putting the world to rights over some cold hyroun and shared bottle of sunset rum
  4.  Visit Plantation House for a tour of the gardens and a cocktail in their restaurant on the far side of the island
  5.  Use The Limings Day Pass and have a fancy lunch and cocktails, followed by relaxing by the pool, game of large chess and a paddleboard
  6. Join the Bequia Sailing Club to volunteer on a Saturday. Get involved in helping the children, teach sailing and have some laughs on the beach
  7. Join Team Trulands Rum Shop Tour to Paget Farm and the nearby areas. Take a day off the next day
  8. Snorkel, dive or the best, free dive the Wreck (in calm weather) by the Isolated Danger mark or explore Lower Bay snorkelling options at the far end of the beach
  9.  Take a drive around the island in the open jeep taxi. No need to go anywhere specific but see some view tops, meet some locals and relax for the afternoon
  10.  Jam to music in Hamilton. Get a crowd together and wind away your Sunday afternoon with Elfic and his family
  11. Visit the Salt Making Factory for a tour followed by cocktails by the pool at Plantation
  12. Explore the Bequia Heritage Museum followed by a visit to Toko’s for a local hairoun by the water.


There are so many options!!

  • Book an air BnB near Lower Bay and enjoy the beautiful beach and snorkeling on your doorstep and reasonable priced accommodation
  • Rent a villa and Pool in Spring overlooking Mustique and the Windward Coast. Enjoy this area for its peace and quiet and amazing views
  • Stay in Friendship Bay on the windward coast for beach walks to yourselves and quality hotel rooms with swimming pools