A Trip Aboard Dauntless

When booking experiences half-way across the world, it’s hard to gauge what to expect. Reading our TripAdvisor Reviews are helpful, but unless you have a friend or family member who can give you the intimate and personal details of what it’s really like to charter a boat, you won’t really know unless you try!

That’s why Author, Adventure Mom, Mariella Frostrup’s write-up in UK’s online site, The Telegraph, depicts a relatable sailing trip aboard our crewed yacht, Dauntless found here. It summarizes what to see and expect when chartering in the Grenadines.

The article is about Mariella revisiting old Caribbean stomping grounds from her childhood with her husband and kids. What a beautiful experience it must be to take your kids and watch the delight and wonder in their eyes to see turtles and starfish in the shallow waters of the Cays. To know exactly what it feels like to be rocked into a peaceful slumber in a sleepy anchorage. And to be reacquainted by the same restaurants and people who have been welcoming visitors for many years.



When I picture a current place I went to 30 years ago, I see the transition of natural land turned to commercial buildings, condos, sidewalks and highways! But re-visiting Bequia and the Grenadines islands for Mariella was just the opposite. Islands were still preserved. Waters still clear and turquoise. The culture and everything that makes the Windward Islands unique and interesting still in its place, peacefully undisturbed of modern buildings and the hum-drum of busy city life.


But that’s why it’s important to take the flight, set sail on board a yacht and take the Tradewinds island hopping. It truly is an experience in itself worth all the pretty photographs we can take home and share with our friends and family.


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This post was written by Rosie

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