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Assisted Sailing
For less experienced sailors who want to enjoy the delights of the Caribbean

Assisted Sailing

For those who would like a little help

Already qualified but want a little assistance? Assisted sailing offers support for some or all of you holiday. Many bareboat charterers only sail once or twice a year and we aim to offer a helping hand at the start of your holiday. If you are RYA Day Skipper or ICC or ASA qualified but are either nervous about sailing bareboat or just a bit rusty then we can advise on a captain to assist you for the first days of your trip.

How does it work?

Assisted sailing offers flexibility and a relaxed environment. There is no pre-set time for this training, we simply “play it by ear” and see how every one is getting on after each day.

When you arrive, the skipper comes on board your yacht and sails with you to another island. You are responsible for your skippers accommodation and ideally this is on board. The time that you will need a skipper will vary, depending on how your confidence grows and how much tuition you would like each day. It can be used as flotilla style support without all the boats.

For those qualified but new to sailing holidays, this time will cover all the important basics from safety, mooring, sails up and down, man overboard procedures to anchoring in bays. It is very relaxed teaching – at your pace!

For anyone looking for some additional coaching, whether it be to practice mooring, long lining, simply refreshing the crew on MOB techniques or to practice sailing in stronger winds with the family, this is a great way to build confidence. Whatever you want to learn in The Caribbean, we are more than happy to show you.


Required Experience

RYA Day Skipper Practical

The skipper must hold a minimum of an RYA Day Skipper or an International Certificate of Competence.

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Provided Support

Weather Update

Sent daily by SMS

Onboard Skipper

Trained in first aid

Basic Training

And boat briefing

Free Mooring Practise

And long lining

Itinerary Support

24hr helpline

In case of emergency

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